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As Christmas gets closer, there are many moneysaving tips to save you money across the festive season.

3 things to do now that will save money at Christmas

With Christmas decorations and tinsel already in UAE shops and supermarkets, it is no surprise that Christmas is less than 8 weeks away.

It may still seem that you have an eternity however with some small preparations now the usual panic endured closer to December 25th can be taken away, better still you could save yourself a small fortune in the process.

Within this article we look at some of the ways you can save money in the build up to, and throughout the festive season.

Start your shopping early.

If you start you Christmas shopping now it allows you to spread the costs of gifts, food and decorations over a number of months.  You also have plenty of time to benefit from any sales and promotions retailers will have between now and Christmas.

Xmas on the beach

Whether you choose to shop in store or online keep an eye out for the latest discounts available on your credit card, many cards will have discounts at certain retailers.

For example, Watches are very popular gifts given at Christmas. If you have any Citibank credit card you can benefit from 25% off at The Watch House at any of their locations in the UAE, so shopping early will give you the widest range to pick from. 

Travelling – get it booked now!

Demand for plane seats over the festive period is at an all time high so booking your travel early will certainly save you money. 

If you don’t mind travelling with a stop-over flight prices can be much lower and there are currently some good sites to compare these offers such as Within 6 weeks of Christmas Day airlines will start to adjust their prices accordingly based on the extra demand.

If you are planning to fly with Emirates you can now purchase plane tickets using a combination of both Skywards miles and cash.  You can take further advantage of this by collecting Skywards miles with one of the many airmiles credit cards on offer. 

Compare all airmiles credit cards and start booking flights using the airmiles, within a few months you will have earned enough to fly one way anywhere for free.

Use the right credit card to earn cashback.

Whether you are eligible for a credit card on a salary of AED 5,000 or AED 50,000 there are many benefits to putting your spending on a credit card and paying it off before the due date, one of which is cashback.

There are a number of  supermarket rewards credit cards which will give you money back and massive discounts for shopping at certain supermarkets. 

There is no denying that food plays a major part in most festivities, shopping early on non perishable items ensures you can the food you want from the supermarket that rewards you.

For a full list of all supermarket reward credit cards read are article how to reduce your supermarket spends

In addition to supermarket credit cards, there is a lot of cashback to be made on the gifts you may buy. Whether it is electronics, fashion or beauty items you are after check to see if your credit card offers any rewards for spending at certain retailers.

If you do not have a cashback or supermarket reward credit card visit our credit card comparison pages to see if you are eligible, it could earn you a small fortune.

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