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Explaining the free currency exchange calculator

Our currency exchange calculator will allow you to compare the exchange rate of any two global currencies. 
The exchange rates shown are the wholesale currency rates. The wholesale rate is the fixed price at which the currency market can buy the currency you desire. You may see a different rate at various exchange brokers as they often show the retail rate, within the retail rate a currency broker will add their own profit margins.
The exchange rates shown are provided by an independent regulated third party, all currency exchange rates are updated daily. 

Using the currency exchange calculator

Step 1 - Select the currency you have

Use the drop down menu to select the currency you wish to transfer from. As a default the currency is set to the United Arab Emirates Dirham.

Step 2 - Enter your volume of funds

Enter the amount of Dirhams or the figure from your chosen currency that you wish to exchange.

Step 3 - Select the currency you are transferring too

Using the select a currency drop down menu, pick the currency you want to exchange into and hit the calculate button. 

Step 4 - Understanding your exchange rate

You will now be shown how much you will receive in your chosen currency based on the figures you provided.
The wholesale exchange rate will also be shown this is provided up to four decimal places.  The wholesale exchange rate is the value of the first currency you selected compared to the currency with which you are exchanging.

Step 5 - Sign up and action your currency exchange

If you would like to now action the online transfer you may sign up for free with an independent trusted online currency broker. They will transfer your funds securely and provide remittance notification of the exchange
At this stage you will be taken from to an online currency broker. Any money transfer performed is between you and the online currency broker, this is not the responsibility of
We discuss the advantages of using a currency broker in our international transfers article

The exchange rate in the UAE changes regularly so always check with your provider the exact exchange rate that will be applied to your transfer.
Any information provided by with regards to exchange currency rates does not constitute as financial advice and is only for reference purposes.

Defining the terminology used on this page

Exchange Rate

An exchange rate is the value of one currency being converted to another. 


The money that is being used for trading and general commerce in a particular country. Each currency within the exchange calculator will have the abbreviated letters that represent that currency. The United Arab Emirates Dirham is known as AED.

Wholesale rate

The wholesale rate is the rate that banks or currency exchange brokers charge each other when buying foreign currencies. 

Retail Rate

This refers to the wholesale rate plus any fee added by a currency broker. The larger the sum of money you transfer the closer you will get to the wholesale rate.

Money Transfer

Money transfer is the sending of money from one location to another. This can be provided by signing up for free when you click on the sign up for free button within the currency calculator.

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