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Calculate your estimated costs per month and over the full tenure of your mortgage

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Enter the amount you wish to finance, downpayment, duration and interest rate

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Hit 'calculate your repayments' to view your finance breakdown.

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Mortgage Calculator

Using the mortgage calculator

The free mortgage calculator enables you to work out your estimated monthly mortgage repayments using a flat rate of interest.

How to use the mortgage calculator

Step 1 - Select the length of your mortgage,

This is the duration in years that you wish your mortgage tenure to be. You can move the slider to select the years or input your number directly into the numeracy box.

Step 2 - How much do you want to borrow?

Enter in the amount you wish to borrow, again use the slider or type this directly into the numeracy box.  The maximum you may potentially borrow is up to AED 20 million.

Step 3 - Enter the percentage or value of your down payment. 

The down payment percentage will change as you move the slider or enter new figures into the numeracy box.  The percentage figure will change as you increase or decrease the amount of funds you wish to borrow.

The Central Bank of the UAE stated that if you are an expat you must place a minimum 25% down payment when buying property. If you are a UAE National you require only a 20% minimum down payment.

The default value on the mortgage calculator is set at 25% down payment, however if you are a UAE National use the slider to modify the slider, if appropriate.

Step 4 - Select the interest rate.

Select the interest rate you would like applied to your mortgage.  You are then able to confirm and view your mortgage repayment details.  Your mortgage details will show the loan amount, your selected down payment, the total loan amount plus your monthly repayments and total mortgage repayments.  Property mortgage rates change often so make sure you are aware of the current market rate to enter so that you achieve a true mortgage breakdown.

Step 5 –Review the calculator results

Your results will be shown as estimated loan details. The loan amount refers to the funds you wish to borrow. Your monthly repayment is the amount you must pay back each month. The total loan payment is the principle amount you will borrow plus all of the interest charged across the duration of the loan.

The financial breakdown provides a visual insight into how much you will pay over the full term of the loan.  The breakdown shows you how you money you will pay as capital ( the loan ), the down-payment you must find to obtain the loan and the interest accrued against the loan.

Step 6 - Find matching mortgages 

You can now click to see all matching mortgages that fit your criteria, if no mortgages match your results exactly we will show the closest matches possible.

Using this mortgage installment calculator will only provide an estimation based on the figures you enter based upon your chosen flat interest rate.

Step 7 – Talk to an Expert 

Arrange a callback from a Mortgage Expert using the ‘Request a call Back within 24 Hours’ option.   Complete the form and an expert will call you within 24 hours,  or at the earliest possible time if your request falls outside of the office hours.

Do not use this mortgage payment calculator other than to gain an indicative understanding of your possible mortgage repayments.

Prior to committing with any mortgage policy make sure you understand fully the rates and terms applied by the provider.

If you would like to see which bank are offering the best mortgage rates in the UAE compare mortgages within our mortgages section.

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